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At Kelly College Prep School we pride ourselves in providing a challenging environment to stimulate and develop lively and enquiring minds and healthy bodies.  We encourage all pupils to reach their true potential and eventually become individuals who value learning with and from others, as a life long process.  Independence of thought and action is encouraged, together with application, perseverance and initiative.

The curriculum is broad-based in order to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, promote enjoyment in learning and to provide skills to equip students for their next school and further.  We aim for our pupils to enter the rapidly changing world of work and leisure as active and confident participants.

Everyone at Kelly College Prep School works to create an atmosphere in which pupils feel secure and valued and encouraged to progress academically and socially.  We try to develop in them a sense of moral values, especially respect for others and their property, which will enable them to become responsible and considerate members of any community. Every child is recognised as an individual and the school community works hard to enhance their self-esteem.


2 Responses to About Kelly Prep

  1. Nick Nigel says:

    Wow what a great prep school. I was at Kelly College 1967 to 1972 and the Kelly Prep School then housed new boys for their first year and was called Hazledon House. We only had breakfast at Hazledon and eat at KC. What a lovely house this now is. The beautiful entrance hall was the sole domain of the house master and we entered in the back of the building. Looking at the current pictures shows what lovely facilites the students now enjoy and really how lovely this house is. The single storey glassed area to the left of the building was our study where we all did prep plus I think the left window of the main house. Good to see the huge lawn at the front of the house now has a cricket pitch. It was unused in my day! Well done Governors and staff.

    • Prep School Admin says:

      Many thanks for your comments – it is indeed a great Prep School. If you are in the area please do drop in.

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